VidyoRoom™ systems deliver an incredible telepresence experience over everyday networks with off-the-shelf camera and audio components. The versatile HD-220 model works seamlessly with VidyoMobile™ and VidyoDesktop™ as well as other VidyoRoom™ and VidyoPanorama™ systems. Connectivity with existing H.323 and SIP based endpoints is made easy using VidyoGateway™, or the VidyoWay™ interconnectivity service for B2B video conferencing.

Vidyo HD220

€6,500.00 Regular Price
€4,550.00Sale Price

Superior Video Performance
• Up to 1080p30 resolution
• Multipoint video conferencing with imperceptible latency
• Display up to 16 participants in continuous presence
• Multiple active speaker and continuous presence layouts accommodate large and small conferences
• Network error concealment for optimal performance without QoS enhanced networks

Intuitive User Interface
• Global address book of users and rooms with presence and speed dials
• Simple software and hardware remote control options
• On-screen keyboard for directory searches

Data Sharing
• Flexible data sharing layouts for both single and dual-screen deployments
• Participants can toggle among shared windows (concurrent sharing)
• Laptop screen share via optional VGA input
• Auto-share when PC content is detected

Audio and Camera Controls
• Adjust speaker volume and mute/unmute
• Adjust mic gain and mute/unmute
• Video privacy mode
• Pan, tilt and zoom via remote control
• Advanced far-end camera control

Security & Network Features
• Optional media and signaling encryption
• Auto-answer option disabled by default

Administration & Maintenance
• Web-based administration for remote access and configuration
• Automatic software updates, downloadable from VidyoPortal™
• Conference moderation via VidyoPortal
• SNMP (MIB II) enabled elements

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